I love having my camera in my hands. It feels right. I have a purpose when I grab it to start shooting. It's exciting and fulfilling.

I love the energy, the complex lighting and logistics and the sheer possibilities of capturing an artist in a concert setting in full communication with his/her/their audience. It also feels right and exciting.

I love documenting live events, such as meetings, conventions, parties and gatherings of all types for the purposes laid out by the client. These types of photos are necessary for future publications, sales and marketing applications, annual reports and web use. 

I love contributing to an individual's success by partnering to create the perfect headshot for his or her business needs. We all need one. Is yours up-to-date?

I love the interaction with a single individual in a controlled photo-making environment. I stress the capture of the moment from a truly personal perspective, which can result in a meaningful and memorable portrait of heirloom quality.

I love capturing a group or family in their element, doing what they do naturally without any (well, without too many) constraints on behavior, wardrobe or location. Let the family BE the family...that's what they will want to see when the kids are grown and have kids of their own. Priceless memories, one moment at a time.

Thanks for investing a little time to read about my passion for photography. I hope you will contact me to discuss your photography needs.

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